Fenerbahce to vote on decision to leave Turkey following Osayi-Samuel assault

Fenerbahce players were attacked after their match against Trabzonspor | Imago

Fenerbahce to vote on decision to leave Turkey following Osayi-Samuel assault

Ayoola Kelechi 20:04 - 02.04.2024

The Turkish giants are considering the idea of leaving the Super Lig following incidents of assault on their players

Fenerbahce, one of Turkey's most prominent football clubs, faces a pivotal moment as they prepare to vote on a significant decision regarding their future in the Super Lig following an attack on their players including Nigerian defender Bright Osayi-Samuel 

Fenerbahce’s threat of withdrawal

Fenerbahce's future in the Turkish top-flight league hangs in the balance as the club prepares to vote on whether to follow through with their threat of withdrawing from the Super Lig. This decision comes in the wake of a disturbing incident involving the assault of their players during a match against Trabzonspor.

In March, Fenerbahce players were subjected to a violent attack by Trabzonspor fans following a match between the two clubs. The situation escalated as supporters stormed the pitch and engaged in brawls with security forces and Fenerbahce players. The altercation occurred after Trabzonspor suffered a 3-2 defeat, adding to a series of troubling incidents that have plagued the Turkish league throughout the season.

Extraordinary general assembly meeting

To address the critical situation, Fenerbahce has scheduled an Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting for Tuesday. During this meeting, members of the club will have the opportunity to vote on a motion that could potentially lead to Fenerbahce's withdrawal from the Super Lig.

Despite the off-field turmoil, Fenerbahce remains a competitive force on the pitch. The club currently sits in second place in the Super Lig standings after 30 games, trailing behind Galatasaray by only two points. With their upcoming match against Adana Demirspor looming, Fenerbahce finds themselves in a challenging position both on and off the field.

Uncertain future for Fenerbahce

The outcome of Tuesday's vote will have far-reaching implications for Fenerbahce and Turkish football as a whole. As the club contemplates its future in the Super Lig, fans and stakeholders await the decision with bated breath. Whether Fenerbahce will choose to remain in the league or pursue alternative options remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the upcoming vote will shape the trajectory of the club in the coming seasons.

As Fenerbahce prepares to make a pivotal decision regarding their participation in the Super Lig, the footballing world watches closely, anticipating the outcome of Tuesday's vote and its impact on the future of Turkish football.

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