Fans blast PGMOL after Premier League releases VAR audio including Onana foul

Fans take a jab at PGMOL after releasing VAR audio || Photo Credit: The Sun

Fans blast PGMOL after Premier League releases VAR audio including Onana foul

Stephen Oladehinde 16:06 - 06.09.2023

Fans have been left furious after the Premier League published VAR recordings from significant occurrences in the league so far this season.

Onana collided with a Wolves striker during Man United's game which had caused a significant uproar from the fans.

After listening to the audio, PGMOL Chief Refereeing Officer Howard Webb expressed his opinion regarding Simon Hooper's choice not to call a penalty after Andre Onana's careless collision with Sasa Kalajdzic.

The VAR's audio from the event was made public by the Premier League with John Moss apologising for making the incorrect call at the time.

Onana's foul against Wolves || Photo Credit: The Sun
Onana's foul against Wolves || Photo Credit: The Sun

Fans reaction

The majority of supporters believed that Wolves should have received a penalty, and it appears that Webb shares their opinion.

Fans were outraged by the decision, and they vented their frustrations on social media after reading Webb's justifications.

One fan said as reported by The Sun, "That VAR/Ref audio is incredible on that Onana decision on the opening weekend. Howard Webb said that VAR overthought it and it was a huge error hence the apology…"

Whilst another said, "It’s an absolute disgrace and they are about as incompetent as I assumed. This hasn’t cleared anything up."

A third commented, "My word this is 100x more inept than I would've imagined. The ref and VAR have no clue what they're doing here."

Howard Webb’s explanation 

Webb said as reported by the Sun, "I think from the outset I want to say that should have led to an intervention by VAR. 

“We should have seen a video review being recommended and the referee should have gone to the screen.

"I’m confident he would have seen the images that we’ve seen and would have been awarded a penalty."

Referees' chief Howard Webb || Photo Credit: Imago
Referees' chief Howard Webb || Photo Credit: Imago

Webb continued by stating that in his opinion, the officials failed to make the appropriate choice because they overanalyzed the situation.

He said, "[The VAR] starts to go down the road, I believe, towards recommending a video review, but then he overthinks it a little bit. Sometimes the VARs can do that.

"They’re trying to identify what the game would expect in terms of what is and isn’t a clear and obvious error."

He then admitted that it was a mistake to not recommend a review, explaining: "We didn’t recommend a review. 

“We should have done it. We acknowledge that as an error, which, of course, was disappointing.

"We took the learning from that, obviously, to try and ensure going forward that type of error doesn’t happen again."