Dortmund vs Real Madrid: 3 ways German giants can shock Ancelotti's men

Dortmund vs Real Madrid UCL final || Imago

Dortmund vs Real Madrid: 3 ways German giants can shock Ancelotti's men

Stephen Oladehinde 13:18 - 31.05.2024

Borussia Dortmund will play as the underdog against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final, a competition that the Spanish giants have historically dominated.

The German outfit must be at their best to defeat the Spanish giants and claim their second Champions League trophy.

Real Madrid has won the Champions League trophy 14 times and will be looking to clinch the trophy for the 15th time.

With both teams facing each other in the final, we look at three ways Dortmund can deny Real Madrid from winning the game.

How can Dortmund shock Real Madrid in the final?

The German squad appears to be up against all odds, but with the right planning, Dortmund may surprise everyone, just like Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan did against Barcelona in 2010.

Here is what they need to do to overcome Ancelotti's men and become the reigning Champions League winners.

Borussia Dortmund celebrate Mats Hummels' winner against Paris Saint-Germain | Imago
Borussia Dortmund celebrate Mats Hummels' winner against Paris Saint-Germain | Imago

1. Putting Limits on Vinicius and Rodrygo

Real Madrid is renowned for their ability to score goals from nothing at all, making them a clinical attacking force.

Their offensive pair of Vinicius and Rodrygo usually makes this easy because of their quickness, talent, and skill.

In just 37 games for Real Madrid this season, Vinicius Jr. has contributed 11 assists and 23 goals, 10 of which came in the UEFA Champions League. 

Vinicius and Rodrygo || Imago
Vinicius and Rodrygo || Imago

In a similar situation, Rodrygo made 49 appearances, with 9 assists and 17 goals, 8 of which came in the UEFA Champions League.

Dortmund must shut down the pair and ensure they cannot run behind them if they hope to win the Champions League final.

2. Closing off Space in The Midfield

Despite the lethal nature of Real Madrid's striking duo, their midfielders provide a greater threat since they can intercept passes, break the line, and set up counterattacks.

This is why it's hard for even more formidable teams like Manchester City and Bayern Munich to restrict them.

They would rather give the other teams most of the ball possession in the hopes that their quick transitions, which have proven effective over the previous decades, will hurt them.

Kroos and Bellingham || Imago
Kroos and Bellingham || Imago

Their UEFA Champions League average possession of 53% and pass accuracy of 90.1% differ from Man City's possession of 70%.

Dortmund must ensure that Real Madrid midfielders such as Kroos, and Bellingham are not allowed any room in the middle of the pitch to make their risky passes.

3. High Chance Conversion Rate

Real Madrid tends to give up very few opportunities even while playing top teams, despite their average possession, therefore, any side that hopes to defeat them needs to be clinical in front of goal.

This season, they have only conceded 26 league goals, and they have only given up two goals from set pieces and three goals from counterattacks.

Real Madrid players celebrating || Imago
Real Madrid players celebrating || Imago

Teams rarely have opportunities against Real Madrid, which results in fewer goals conceded, and their strong defence plays a major role.

Dortmund must therefore capitalise on every opportunity, regardless of how small those chances may be, if they are to win.