Disgraced former Spain FA boss Luis Rubiales faces potential two-year jail term for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips

Disgraced former Spain FA boss Luis Rubiales faces potential two-year jail term for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips

Mark Kinyanjui 20:32 - 22.04.2024

Rubiales will face trial after his appeals were rejected by the order of judge.

Former Spanish Football Association (FA) president Luis Rubiales is set to face trial over the controversial incident dubbed as the "World Cup kiss-gate scandal."

 Rubiales, aged 46, sparked controversy when he kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips as she received her medal following Spain's victory over England in the Women's World Cup final in August last year.

After the incident, Rubiales was charged and investigated, leading to his resignation amidst widespread criticism from the Spanish government and various Spain players, both past and present.

 Last month, public prosecutors involved in the case announced their intention to seek a two-and-a-half year prison sentence for Rubiales. Despite the charges, Rubiales maintains his innocence regarding the event.

According to Marca, Rubiales will face trial for the controversial kiss incident and subsequent coercion allegations alongside former Spain manager Jorge Vilda. 

The Criminal Court's third section rejected appeals against the judge's order, Francisco de Jorge, filed by Rubiales, Vilda, and others, indicating that the evidence presented aligns with descriptions of crimes against sexual freedom and coercion. 

The court stated that the legal implications of the kiss and consent could not be assessed at the current time.

In the indictment sent to the judge, public prosecutors sought a one-year jail term for sexual assault and an additional 18 months for coercion. 

They also requested Rubiales be disqualified from working in sports during his sentence and be banned from communicating with Hermoso for four years.

Rubiales has consistently defended his actions and innocence. In an interview with broadcaster La Sexta, he stated, "I have a clear conscience.

 "Things have become crazy. A small thing has gone on to devour a person." Rubiales continued, "I defend egalitarianism. Feminism advocates supporting women to achieve equality. For me, there is no crime. It's my opinion.

" I asked her the question [over the kiss] and she said: 'Okay.' You can't question Hermoso. I can. Is it because I'm a man? They want to curtail freedom of thought." 

Rubiales further expressed disbelief that anyone could view the kiss as sexual assault and denied any coercion, stating, "I only spoke 10 or 15 seconds with Miss Hermoso."

In addition to the trial for the World Cup incident, Rubiales faced further legal complications. He was arrested at the beginning of the month in Sydney, Australia, in connection with alleged financial irregularities during his tenure as the head of the Spanish FA. 

The arrest is unrelated to the World Cup incident and focuses on business deals, including one related to hosting the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. Despite these separate legal issues, Rubiales still faces potential penalties for his actions during the Women's World Cup final last August.

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