Can Genoa loan from Tottenham Hotspur revive career of Harambee Stars prospect?

STARS ABROAD Can Genoa loan from Tottenham Hotspur revive career of Harambee Stars prospect?

Festus Chuma 19:03 - 13.01.2024

Djed Spence joins Genoa on loan from Tottenham, offering a crucial turning point in the young footballer's challenging career.

Harambee Stars prospect Djed Spence has become a central figure in the latest football saga as he joins Serie A side Genoa on a loan for the remainder of the 2023/24 season. 

This move marks a significant turn in the career of the 23-year-old full-back, whose journey has been anything but conventional.

A July 2022 signing from Middlesbrough for £12.5m, Spence's transition to Tottenham Hotspur was met with high expectations. 

The former Middlesbrough player seemed poised for a breakout season. However, the reality was starkly different. With just six appearances for Spurs and a subsequent loan spell at Leeds United, where he made seven appearances, the anticipated impact was notably absent.

Spence's dual Jamaican and Kenyan heritage had always made him an intriguing prospect in football circles. 

But his recent move to Genoa, part of a deal that saw Romanian defender Radu Dragusin join Spurs for £25m, raises questions about his future at the North London club. 

Interestingly, Genoa has secured an option to purchase Spence for €10m – a figure substantially lower than what Spurs initially paid, reflecting the complexities of his current valuation in the market.

The young player's career has been marked by a series of controversies, particularly regarding his attitude and professionalism. 

Neil Warnock, his former manager at Middlesbrough, offered a telling comment on this issue. "I basically said to him that you can go to the top or you can go non-League," Warnock stated, hinting at the latent potential and the pitfalls in Spence's path.

The scenario at Tottenham further complicated his situation. The arrival of Spence at Spurs was driven by Fabio Paratici, the club's then-managing director of football. 

However, Spence soon found himself caught in the crosshairs of a power tussle between Paratici and Antonio Conte, the team's manager.

This internal conflict at Spurs arguably undermined his ability to establish himself within the team.

This loan move to Genoa, therefore, is seen as an opportunity for Spence to rejuvenate his career, showcase his talent on an international stage and perhaps even redefine his worth in the football market. 

The Italian league, known for its tactical depth and defensive rigour, could be the perfect platform for Spence to hone his skills and demonstrate his true potential.

 Genoa, a club with a rich history but currently struggling for consistency, might just provide the kind of environment where Spence can thrive away from the high-pressure situation at Tottenham.

The deal, though, is not without its risks for Genoa. Investing in a player whose career has been marred by professionalism concerns and inconsistent performances is a gamble.

However, if Spence manages to tap into his undoubted potential, the €10m option could turn out to be a bargain for the Italian side.

Back at Tottenham, the loan move is seen as a means to end what has been considered a £20m nightmare. 

With the club's management under scrutiny for their transfer policies, offloading Spence, even at a loss, could be viewed as a damage control exercise. 

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