Blues in trouble: Chelsea Faces Possible Points Deduction Over FFP Rules

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Blues in trouble: Chelsea Faces Possible Points Deduction Over FFP Rules

Ayoola Kelechi 23:59 - 02.02.2024

Chelsea's troubles with the Premier League's financial fair play rules have apparently only just started

Chelsea Football Club faces a looming threat of a points deduction due to potential Financial Fair Play (FFP) breaches, following their substantial spending in recent transfer windows and the limitations imposed by FFP regulations

Chelsea’s Financial Fair Play restrictions

According to reports from  Goal, Chelsea Football Club has received a warning that it may incur a significant points deduction if it does not generate £100 million ($128 million) through player sales in the upcoming summer transfer window. 

This warning comes as a result of their extensive spending in recent transfer windows, amounting to over £1 billion ($1.28 billion), following the takeover of the club by a consortium led by Todd Boehly. The Premier League's Profit and Sustainability Rules mandate that clubs cannot accumulate losses exceeding £105 million ($134 million) over a three-year rolling period.

The consequences of breaching these Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations are exemplified by Everton, who faced a 10-point penalty in 2023 due to their failure to adhere to the rules.

Expert Opinion on Chelsea's FFP Situation

Stefan Borson, a former financial adviser at Manchester City, shared his insights on Chelsea's predicament on talkSPORT. He noted that Chelsea had employed accounting practices like amortization to mitigate their financial situation. Nevertheless, he expressed concerns about Chelsea's current FFP status and speculated that they might fail to comply with the regulations for the current season. 

Borson pointed out that unless Chelsea can swiftly sell players amounting to well over £100 million before the June 30 deadline, they are at risk. He also highlighted the challenges of doing so within the limited timeframe, considering the upcoming conclusion of the season and the Euros. Potential buyers, according to Borson, would be aware of Chelsea's urgency to sell, which might impact the negotiation process.

Potential Consequences and Comparisons with Everton

Borson emphasized that the potential FFP breach facing Chelsea is more significant than Everton's previous breach. He also stressed that the Premier League might view Chelsea's breach as deliberate, unlike some other clubs that have faced FFP issues in the past. 

He raised concerns about Chelsea's ability to find buyers at acceptable prices, as there is limited financial capacity outside the Premier League. The Premier League is unlikely to accept inflated prices for players they do not rate highly, especially knowing that Chelsea is under pressure to sell.

Broader FFP Cases

The article also mentions other clubs facing FFP issues, including Everton, Nottingham Forest, and Manchester City, who have been charged with 115 cases of financial mismanagement dating back to 2009.

Chelsea's financial situation remains uncertain, and the outcome of their FFP compliance for the current season will depend on their ability to conduct significant player sales before the June 30 deadline. The club must navigate a challenging transfer market while complying with FFP regulations to avoid potential points deductions.