Barcelona Anticipates Victory as Bribery Charges Linked to Negreira Refereeing Scandal Could be Dropped

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Barcelona Anticipates Victory as Bribery Charges Linked to Negreira Refereeing Scandal Could be Dropped

Ayoola Kelechi 10:04 - 04.02.2024

The Blaugrana seem to have caught a break in their bid to prove their innocence in the infamous corruption case rising from the Negreira scandal

In a potential twist to the Enrique Negreira refereeing scandal that has gripped Barcelona FC for almost a year, the club might see a significant breakthrough in the form of dropped bribery charges. The Spanish Prosecutor’s Office had leveled accusations of bribery and sports corruption against Barcelona in connection with Negreira's alleged ties to the club, sparking a legal battle that has unfolded over the past year.

Shifting Dynamics in the Bribery Allegation

Recent reports from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as disclosed by Diario AS, suggest a noteworthy development in favour of Barcelona. A motion has been filed supporting Barcelona's plea to dismiss the bribery charge. 

This charge, added by Joaquin Aguirre, the leading judge of instruction court number 1 in Barcelona last September, faced contention from Barcelona's legal team. Their argument centred around Negreira's non-public office status, deeming the charge irrelevant. The Prosecutor's Office has now aligned with Barcelona's position, placing the decision in the hands of the judiciary to potentially quash the bribery charge.

Modest Victory Amidst Legal Struggles

For Barcelona, this potential development serves as a modest victory within the broader legal battle to clear their name from all accusations. While the prospect of dropping the bribery charge offers a positive turn, the club's legal team remains prepared for a protracted struggle against the multifaceted allegations brought forth by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The controversy traces back almost a year to Barcelona's alleged involvement with Enrique Negreira, the former Vice-President of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA). The Prosecutor’s Office in Spain had, among other charges, accused Barcelona of bribery and sporting corruption based on their association with Negreira.

In the specific context of the bribery charge, sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, via Diario AS, indicate that Barcelona's appeal to have the charge removed has found support. The head of the court of instruction number 1 of the court of Barcelona, Joaquin Aguirre, had added the bribery charge in September. Barcelona's stance that Negreira's non-public status renders the charge irrelevant has now gained backing from the Prosecutor’s Office, awaiting a judicial decision on the charge's revocation.

This small victory offers a glimmer of hope for Barcelona, maintaining their steadfast denial of guilt throughout the legal proceedings. However, the club's legal team remains well aware of the challenges ahead in their ongoing battle against the Prosecutor’s Office.