Africa's Most Successful Football Teams at the AFCON

Africa's Most Successful Football Teams at the AFCON

Pulse Sports Team 12:16 - 15.01.2024

The teams highlighted in this article have shown great skill and achieved much in Africa and globally

The African Cup of Nations is a big football event in Africa since 1957. The Confederation of African Football folks run the whole show every two years. Now, this wasn't always such a big event. At the start, just three countries were in it. But guess what? It's grown a lot! Now, 24 teams get to play, which is pretty cool.

But, you know, AFCON isn't just about football. It's way more than that. It's a time when countries show their pride, and we see some fantastic football skills from Africa. Lots of famous African footballers got their start here. Plus, it's not just the fans who love it – folks who like to bet on sports are really into it, too. It has also garnered much support from bettors on the best betting sites

AFCON is also essential globally. It's watched by fans everywhere and is a crucial place for clubs to find new talent. This article will focus on the most successful teams in AFCON's history. We will explore their achievements, key players, and memorable moments. This is a look at the teams that have significantly impacted African football through AFCON.


The Algerian football team is good at playing in an attacking way. They have won the African Cup of Nations two times. Also, they have played in the World Cup four times. Their most significant success was reaching the Round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup. In the 1982 World Cup, they beat West Germany 2–1. This was a big moment in history.

In the 2014 World Cup, they did something no African team had done before. They scored four goals in one match against South Korea. They have been called the best African national team of the year eight times. This is more than any other team.


Ghana's football team is also known as the Black Stars. They're famous in African football. Did you know they've won the AFCON four times? That's a big deal! They also came in second place five times, the most any team has done.

Their first World Cup was in 2006. And guess what? They made it to the quarterfinals in 2010. They were only the second African team to get that far! Also, in 2005, Ghana was on a roll. They didn't lose a game and were named the FIFA Best Mover of the Year. That's because they moved up a lot in the world rankings.


Nigeria is known for its strong football culture and fans. This makes it a big player in African football. The Nigerian team is also called the Super Eagles. It has won the AFCON three times. They have also been second four times and third a record eight times. The team has played in the World Cup six times. They made it to the Round of 16 three times.

In 1994, Nigeria reached its highest FIFA ranking at 5th place. This was the best for any African team. They got the Best Movers award in 2000. The Super Eagles were the World Soccer Team of 1996. Nigeria also does well in the Olympics. They have the best record in Africa. This includes winning a gold medal in 1996.


Egypt's football team is the best in Africa. They are called the Pharaohs. They have won the AFCON, a big football event, seven times. This is more than any other team. They won the first two times it happened. They have played in it the most, won the most, and scored the most goals.

The Pharaohs won the AFCON thrice in 2006, 2008, and 2010. They also won the FIFA Arab Cup in 2009. But in the World Cup, they have yet to do as well. They have been in it three times since 1934. But they never got past the first round of games.


The African Cup of Nations highlights the best of African football. The teams highlighted in this article have shown great skill and achieved much in Africa and globally. Their success in AFCON shows the strong football culture in Africa. These teams are more than just winners; they represent the spirit and talent of African football. Their journey in AFCON has been inspiring, showing how important this tournament is for the sport in Africa.