LeBron James reiterates G.O.A.T claim after breaking NBA all-time scoring record

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NBA LeBron James reiterates G.O.A.T claim after breaking NBA all-time scoring record

Tosin Abayomi 09:10 - 08.02.2023

LeBron James explains what NBA's all-time scoring record means.

LeBron James made basketball history in the early hours of Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

The 38-year-old James scored 38 points to become the NBA all-time scoring leader.

In a tough encounter, James was unable to save the Los Angeles Lakers from defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LeBron James explains the importance of NBA scoring record  

James after the game spoke to the NBA TNT crew led by basketball great Shaquille O'Neal.

The 20-year-old NBA veteran after celebrating with his family and celebrities in attendance stated that he is still processing his latest achievement.

He said, "It's so uh surreal because it's something I never you know made a goal of mine or set out to do.

"Longevity me being able to be on the floor for three multiple franchises

"Going and trying to be the greatest I could be every single night and um having great teammates and coaches that allowed me to be me."

James then was asked on how breaking the scoring factors into his claim as the Greatest of All Time.

He added, "You know I'm gonna let everybody else you know decide who that is or just talk about it but it's great it's a

"I'm gonna take myself against anybody that's ever played this game.

"You know but everyone's gonna have their favorite everyone's gonna you know decide who they who their favorite is.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver was joined at center court by Abdul-Jabbar to celebrate the achievement by James.

"I know what I've brought to the table I know what I bring to the table every single night and what I can what I can do out on this floor so

"I always feel like I'm the best to ever play this game but you know there's so many other great ones and I'm happy to just be a part of their uh part of their Journey well."

James will now return to action when the Los Angeles Lakers welcome the Milwaukee Bucks led by Giiannis Antetokoumpo on Friday, February 10, 2023.