UFC Kennedy Nzechukwu to save 35 million naira bonus for marriage

Tosin Abayomi 08:04 - 24.11.2022
Not a house, not cars UFC star Kennedy Nzechukwu wants to save 35 million naira bonus for marriage.

Nigerian mixed martial artist Kennedy Nzechukwu defeated Ion Cuțelaba in an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight bout in Vegas.

Nzechukwu had to overcome a first round where he struggled to keep Cuteleba away from connecting to his body.

In the second round, Nzechukwu produced a devastating knockout finish as he connected a perfectly timed knee followed by a barrage of strikes to Cutelaba.

The African savage is now one of the contenders for the UFC Light heavyweight title held by Czech Republic's Jiří Procházka.

Nzechukwu on saving for marriage

Following his victory, Nzechukwu was presented with a 50,000 cash gift for earning the UFC performance of the night.

Following the cash gift from the UFC, Nzechukwu explained what he intends to use the money for.

Nzechukwu explained at the press conference that he intends to save the entirety of the money for his marriage ceremony.

The African Savage born in Imo State Nigeria reveals he intends to get married next year and the 50,000 bonus is estimated to be a whooping sum of 35 million naira.

He said, "Save it I'm trying to get married next year I try to save as much as I can and um I mean you can't get married with nothing so you got to pay for some stuff so just saving.

"You know help my I'm grateful for this company you know I've been able to use some of the money they've given me to put my siblings to school take care of my mother despite her illness prepare

for her medical bills and stuff like that you know I'm grateful I can't ask for more.

"They've been great to me so I'm just grateful back even if I didn't win the performance of the night I'm always going to be grateful this is the life I chose so no one put a gun to my head and forced me to do this no I chose this and they gave me the opportunity to so I'm grateful."

Nzechuwku is now expected to continue to move up the contender list in the UFC Light heavyweight division with a return to the octagon next year.