Samuel Eto’o: Why Barcelona legend has ruled himself out of Cameroon’s presidential race

Samuel Eto’o: Why Barcelona legend has ruled himself out of Cameroon’s presidential race

Festus Chuma 06:34 - 16.06.2024

Samuel Eto’o has ruled himself out of the 2025 Cameroon presidential race reaffirming his commitment to leading FECAFOOT.

Former Barcelona hit-man Samuel Eto’o has officially ruled himself out of the race for the Cameroon presidency, putting to rest the widespread speculations that have surrounded his potential candidacy.

Eto’o, who is currently the president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECOFOOT), took to social media to address his millions of fans and clarify his position.

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In a heartfelt message, Eto’o expressed his gratitude to his supporters and emphasized his commitment to Cameroonian football and youth development.

“I have dedicated my life to football. From playing since childhood to adulthood, and now as a sports executive, I have given my best. Elected to lead Fecafoot, I strive to uplift our football. I work twenty hours a day to provide our youth with the facilities that were lacking for my generation. It gives meaning to my life to pass on knowledge and serve my juniors,” Eto’o stated.

The former Chelsea striker made it clear that his role as the head of Fecafoot is not a stepping stone to a political career.

“As for me, let’s be clear: the presidency of FECAFOOT is not a stepping stone to the presidency of the Republic. I say it loud and clear again: I, Samuel Eto’o fils, am not a candidate for the presidency of Cameroon,” Eto’o declared.

Eto’o’s declaration comes amid increasing scrutiny of President Paul Biya’s long-standing rule.

Biya, who will be almost 93 years old during the 2025 Presidential election, has been in power for 42 years.

His tenure has been marred by corruption and embezzlement, despite his initial promises of rigor, moralization, and integrity.

Eto’o’s decision to publicly support President Biya in 2018 and his continued endorsement have also drawn attention.

“Yes, in 2018, I voted for President Paul Biya. And I continue to give him my unwavering support. I stand by this. And no, I will not let anyone deprive me of my rights as a citizen,” Eto’o affirmed.

“Let’s be constructive. Let’s dream big for our continent, and each give our best in our respective roles. Let’s restore all its greatness to Cameroonian football."