Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic says Rafa Benitez made a mistake not signing him

Manchester United Legend Nemanja Vidic

Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic says Rafa Benitez made a mistake not signing him

Stephen Oladehinde 18:06 - 24.04.2023

Legendary Manchester United player Nemanja Vidic has revealed why his proposed transfer to Liverpool fell through.

The former United defender made history while playing with the Red Devils, leading them to victories in the Premier League five times, three League Cups, and one Champions League.

Vidic's story, however, may have been very different if he had chosen to sign with Liverpool in 2005 instead of Manchester United. The United legend has gone on to explain how he came close to signing for the Reds.

Nemanja Vidic playing days at Manchester United
Nemanja Vidic playing days at Manchester United

Vidic claims Benitez didn't follow up on him

The 41-year-old almost signed for Liverpool in 2005 after he was contacted by Rafa Benitez and had several conversations with him.

Speaking to former Man United centre-back partner Rio Ferdinand on Vibe with Five YouTube show, Vidic said, “The first moment I was in contact with the club [Man United] was December 2005.

“But at the time Liverpool was also involved. I spoke with Rafa Benitez and he was the one who was first in touch with me when I was at Spartak Moscow.

“My English was not good, my wife Ana was actually talking to him because my English was not great.

“He was asking me if I want to come to England and certain things, everything was great. And then he didn’t call me back for two or three weeks!”

Vidic explains Manchester United’s transfer

Vidic has given an explanation of how a transfer to Manchester United came about after the Spanish manager chose not to contact him.

Still speaking, Vidic said, “Fergie obviously got in touch. He called and said I’ve been looking at you for the last six months to a year, I like the way you play. I think you’ll be good for the club. Do you want to join?”

“I said ‘of course’, he said ‘everything will be settled’ and then in one week I was in Manchester.”

In 2014, Vidic departed Manchester United for Inter Milan after declaring at the start of the season that he would not be staying in the country because he wanted Manchester United to be the only English team he had played for.