Bitter ends: The unforgettable Champions League final losses of Arsenal, Dortmund, Tottenham, and Atletico Madrid

Bitter ends: The unforgettable Champions League final losses of Arsenal, Dortmund, Tottenham, and Atletico Madrid

Eric Munene • 17:44 - 15.05.2024

A look into the dark side of the Champions League final

In the grand theatre of European football, where dreams are forged and legends are born, there exists a realm cloaked in shadows the agony of defeat in the Champions League final.

Amidst the dazzling displays of skill and the euphoria of victory, lie the silent tears and shattered hopes of those who come agonizingly close, only to taste the bitter sting of second place.

Behind the scenes of the Champions League's glittering showcase, lies a narrative of heartbreak and despair, etched into the fabric of the sport's most prestigious tournament.

Pulse Sports peels back the layers of glamour to reveal the raw emotion, the shattered dreams, and the enduring scars left by defeat in the unforgiving crucible of the Champions League final.

Arsenal 2006

Arsenal's Gilberto play walking away from the medal.

At the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, Paris, France on Wednesday 17 May 2006, Arsenal appeared at the grandest European football stage for the first and only time to date. For their opponents Barcelona, this was their fifth final having won already in 1992.

After qualifying from group stages, they defeated Real Madrid, Juventus and Villarreal in both legs of the round of 16, quarter final and semifinal respectively without conceding a goal. The only goals they conceded was in the final when they lost 2-1 to Barcelona.

Dortmund 2013

Dortmund at the final in 2013.

The all German final was the most watched sports event of 2013. It happened on May 25th at Wembley stadium.

Dortmund were the winners of their group above Real Madrid. After though Shakhtar, they met Madrid again and secured a win that they could not overturn.

Gundogan scored to equalize Mandzukic’s opener before robben handing them the painful blow in the 89th minute.

Atletico Madrid 2014

Ramos celebrating his late equalizer against Atletico in the 2014 Champions League final

Probably the most painful Atletico Madrid Champions League losses ever.  Atletico were leading a goal up after Diego Godin scored in the first half.

Ramos scored in the 93rd minute to take the game to extra time. Madrid then battered their Spanish rivals adding three goals in extra time to win 4-1.

Tottenham Hotspurs 2019

Eric Dier walking passed trophy with his runner's up medal.

Just like their North Londoners Arsenal, this was the first appearance for Tottenham in the Champions League final. Their opponents were Liverpool who had already appeared in the final the year before.

Tottenham went through on aggregate goals after a dramatic loss to Man City before Lucas Moura making an unforgettable solo performance to send them to the final.

Spurs were brought to their knees after just 102 seconds when they conceded a penalty that was converted by Salah. Origi scored in the 87th minute to seal their win.

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