Ex-Liverpool midfielder retires due to heart problems

Lucas Leiva (centre-right) has been forced into retirement (Action Plus)

Ex-Liverpool midfielder retires due to heart problems

Ayoola Kelechi 07:04 - 18.03.2023
The former Liverpool favourite has had to call time on his career after being diagnosed with a heart problem

Former Liverpool and Lazio midfielder Lucas Leiva has retired from football due to a heart problem discovered in December after routine tests at his most recent club Lazio. 

Leiva retires due to heart condition 

Leiva who started his career in Gremio, rejoined the Porto Alegre-based club after a 15-year journey in Europe hoping to play out the final days of his career in his home country, however, his return was abruptly halted in December when he was found to suffer from a heart condition that forced him to take a break from football. 

Lucas Leiva received a special award after 10 years of service to Liverpool
Lucas Leiva received a special award after 10 years of service to Liverpool

Leiva hoped to recover from the condition and play a few more years of football but has had to announce his premature retirement after failing to do so. 

Lucas Leiva says goodbye to football

At an emotional press conference to announce his decision, Leiva broke down in tears as he expressed gratitude to Gremio for their support. 

He said, “I want to thank Gremio for all the support they have given me in these three months. Today I am announcing my retirement. It has been a difficult period and I think this is the first time you have seen me cry.” 

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Leiva also expressed some optimism despite the difficult situation and said that he was looking forward to the next phase of his life while reiterating that his health was his paramount concern at the moment. 

“I am ending where I wanted to end, but not the way I wanted to end. I am sure that now a new chapter will open. I hoped the situation would improve, but it didn’t. My health comes first.”

Lucas spent 10 years at Liverpool, making 346 appearances for the club in all competitions during his time there and becoming a fan favourite for his work ethic and determination. 

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