Shearer: Arsenal’s opener against Fulham should have been disallowed

PREMIER LEAGUE Shearer: Arsenal’s opener against Fulham should have been disallowed

Kiplagat Sang • 11:00 - 13.03.2023
The retired footballer feels there was foul play before the Gunners broke the deadlock.

Legendary former Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer believes Arsenal’s opener against Fulham should have been disallowed.

Leandro Trossard delivered a corner that was nodded home by Gabriel Magalhaes, and Shearer believes a foul could have been done by Ben White in the process.

"It wouldn’t have surprised me [if it had been ruled out] because Ben White is actually blocking the goalkeeper," Shearer told Premier League Productions, as per Metro.

"By the time he actually unblocks him, it’s too late for the keeper to make a decision whether he’s going to come or not.

"The ball is already in the air, it’s practically in the six-yard box. He might not have come for it, or he may have, but that option was taken away from him because of the blocking there.

"It’s a good ball in, it’s a good header, but he is blocking him right up to the very last second, Ben White, so it wouldn’t have surprised me [if it was ruled out]."

However, former Arsenal star Ian Wright defended Arsenal’s goal and said the defender used his experience of having been Bern Leno’s teammate before.

"But at the same time, I think it’s because they know Bernd Leno," said Wright.

"They’ve probably trained with him a lot and know what he’s about in terms of coming for crosses. I always thought that he was pretty weak with crosses.

"And even getting blocked in by Ben White, who’s not actually really physically holding him. He’s just kind of in the way. He could just move him out the way. You [eventually] see him move him, but he should have done that ages before.

"He should not have let him get in front because if he does that, the referee would see that there’s interference, and he probably would have maybe given a foul.

Wright continued and blamed the former Gunners’ goalkeeper: "We’ve seen how easily they do give fouls against goalkeepers. But I think with Bernd Leno, that’s his main weakness, he doesn’t want to come into that area. I think Ben White used his experience in that respect."

Arsenal went five points clear again at the top as Leandro Trossard became the first player in Premier League history to assist three goals before halftime in an away match.