Bello redeems N1 million pledge to Niger Tornadoes

Niger Tornadoes

NPFL Bello redeems N1 million pledge to Niger Tornadoes

Hassan Abdulsalam 12:09 - 11.03.2023
The governor pledged that the club would be given one million if they beat Dakkada.

The Governor of Niger State, Abubakar Bello, has redeemed his one million naira promise to the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) side, the Niger Tornadoes.

The governor pledged that the club would be given one million if they beat Dakkada.

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The Ikon Allah Boys easily defeated the tenacious Dakkada thanks to a goal from David Okoromi on Matchday 9 of the NPFL at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna.

Bala assured fans for a better Tornadoes

Niger Tornados coach Bala Muhammed Abubakar has assured the fans that the team will be better in the second stanza of the league.

Bala Abubakar
Niger Tornadoes coach, Bala Abubakar Bala Abubakar

Bala revealed this while he shared the redemption news with the media and appreciated the governor's kind gesture and commitment towards the club.

He said, "I feel we should show appreciation to our governor for doing well this time as regards motivation, which has been lacking for a long time.

"For us, this is the tonic needed to galvanize the team going forward, as it has been a tough first stanza, as it's never easy playing home matches away from home.

"Despite the hurdles, we are still on track to finish the season on a high. Not forgetting our amiable Chairman, Honourable Aliyu, credit to him for his hard work and support towards the team.

Niger Tornadoes players
Niger Tornadoes players celebrating Niger Tornadoes

"We have used the election break to drill and have reinforced the team with quality legs as we are working tirelessly on the team's weak areas that we had identified in the first round.

"I don't want to make any promises, but I want to assure everyone that the Tornadoes will get it right in the second stanza of the season."

The Niger Tornadoes finished the first stanza of the season 5th on the Group B log with 12 points.

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