Let's just be friends! Noah Lyles' girlfriend recounts first time they went on a date


Let's just be friends! Noah Lyles' girlfriend recounts first time they went on a date

Abigael Wafula 06:38 - 16.06.2024

Noah Lyles' girlfriend has explained how they decided to 'just be friends' after their first date and when they decided to officially start dating.

Noah Lyles’ girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield, has gone down memory lane on the first time she met the triple world champion and how their first date went.

Speaking on the Powell’s podcast, Bromfield explained that she had thoughts of maintaining a platonic friendship and not taking their relationship to the next level.

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The world 200m champion also noted that she was very silent during their first meeting and they just knew things wouldn’t work and they decided to just ‘be friends’.

“We commit to this one day and it just didn’t click…I picked her up in my car and I was excited. At the time, I had my all while Beamer and I had picked her up from the airport and it was dead silent.

“She did not talk and I heard like five whispers. I took her to red lobster and introduced her to cheddar-baked biscuits for the first time…I was feeling good,” Lyles said.

Bromfield said: “It didn’t click at all…the first time we went on a date, we were like ‘No, let’s just be friends.’ Well, I talk a lot but I have to be comfortable before I start talking. It was just one day and I was a little bit nervous.”

Later that year, the Racers Grand Prix came up and Lyles went to compete and he competed in the 100m. He added that after the race, they went out and he invited Bromfield to show them around.

“They wanted to go to the strip club and I had never gone to any before, so I decided to take them to Taboo,” the Jamaican sprint queen said.

“We went and we started talking again and everybody is watching the stage…I never saw any stripper and we were dancing the whole night,” the world indoor silver medallist said.

After the event, Lyles invited Bromfield to his mother’s wedding but she did not go and the American also tried to get her to go to Florida but it was impossible and they had to let each other go.

“After that, we decided to try it out and I invited her to my mum’s wedding which happened in Jamaica. However, she could not make it and I tried to get her to come to Florida multiple times but it was quite impossible,” Lyles said.

After that, they went their separate ways and got into other relationships which ended and they started talking again since they knew that they liked each other. They then reconnected in 2022, with their second date being in New York.

After the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, Lyles asked the Jamaican to be his girlfriend and that is when they started their love story on a clean slate.